Founded in 1910, Nissenbaum's is currently operated by the 4th and 5th generation.

In the early days, Jacob and two employees sorted and delivered goods using a horse and cart.

In 1929 Jacob's son, Joseph, came into the business. Joseph sold the carts and horses and replaced them with trucks. At the same time, they expanded their business by purchasing cars for their scrap value.

Jacob retired from the business in 1937. It was during this year that Joseph Nissenbaum passed away leaving Max, his son, to be the owner and manager.

In 1941, an electric press was installed for the baling of paper. Max purchased surrounding land, expanding their facility to one acre. In 1955, Nissenbaum began to sell automobile and truck parts. This was handled in such a way that customers removed their own parts.

To further improve the business, additional buildings were built for storage during the years of 1957 and 1962.

The first state approved auto body incinerator was erected in 1964 and used until 1967, when vehicles were brought to the shredder.

The fourth generation recyclers, Joseph and Allen, joined the business in 1966-1968. Today, Nissenbaum's deals primarily in older salvage. Five employees totally dismantle all of the vehicles. For this, we have developed a dismantling list with Hollander numbers listed for our employees to follow. Using the Aims system, each item is tagged for inventory control.

In 1976, an addition of 2600 square feet was added to the existing building for dismantling and the warehousing of parts. All parts are racked, inventoried and readily available to our customers.

In 1979, Max Nissenbaum retired from active participation in the company.

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